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  • Residential Parkings

    Our premium metal carports are the most durable option and provides the best protection for your vehicles. Steel carports require very little maintenance and therefore offers the highest quality and best value for money over the long term.

  • Business parkings

    Our standard car shade ports are constructed from tubular mild steel framework. Legs are concreted or bolted with raw bolts to the cement floor or to the existing walls, depending where the shade ports need to be installed. The structure is covered with a knitted polyethylene netting which are sewn together for maximum strength and stretch. All steelwork is primed and painted with enamel for maximum protection and endurance against all weather conditions

  • Maintenance

    Whether you're interested in upgrading your kitchen cabinets or completely remodeling the entire room or the basement, our expert estimators and remodeling

Fencing & Security Systems

We stock a full selection of our Clear View fencing range.
From pedestrian / animal control to your maximum-security


• Mesh Fencing (Diamond Mesh and Bonnox Fencing
• Clearview Fencing (known as see-thru fencing,
anti-cut and anti-climb fencing)
• Palisade Fencing (Steel Palisade with spikes)
• Razor Wire Fencing (flat and rolled options on top
of fence or wall)
• Electric Fencing (stand-alone and on top of wall
or fence options)



Mining fabrication services include metal cutting,
forming, welding, complete assembly, on-time delivery,
and unmatched customer service.

Warehousing and steel structures
• Distribution Warehouse
• High Rack Warehouse
• Large Storage Building
• Freight Warehouse
• Cold Storage Warehouse
• Workshop with Cranes
• Plastic Manufacturing Plant
• Machine Production Plant
• Food Production Workshop
• Other Buildings for Storage and Production



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